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The Light Triggeris your innate personal color frequency that facilitates your connection to “Source” for guidance.

Source has been described in spiritual, philosophical, and metaphysical literature in many ways, for example, your Guardian Angel/s, your Spirit Guide/s, your Essence or Essence Self, your Higher Self/Mind, your inner self, your soul, All That Is, a deity, or who or whatever you believe will give you positive, loving guidance when called upon. For consistency and clarity, we maintain the word Source when referring to this non-egoic form of guidance.

The Light Triggeris not necessarily your favorite color, although how you came to decide upon your favorite color may have been initiated by a subconscious awareness of its existence.

According to metaphysical sources, you possess a uniquely personal color frequency as part of your overall vibrational signature. This overall vibrational signature—the energy signature of your Being—is referred to as your primal “Tone.” Your Tone, which contains the vibrational constant of color, is the marker of your individuated identity within the Oneness of Consciousness or All That Is.

As boggling as this may seem to the conscious mind, this uniqueness in the expression of one’s Being within the physical world is analogous to the crystallization of water into snowflakes (no two snowflakes are alike in their sixfold symmetry); and with special regard to color, the unique color frequency emitted by every star in the Cosmos—due to their chemical constituents, magnitude (brightness), and temperature.

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